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The Freshest Trout just North of the Rainbow

Smoked Rainbow Trout

Smoked Rainbow Trout

PriceFrom $15.00

Seriously these are the World's Best Smoked Trout. The recipe was developed more than 40 years ago at Minnesota’s famous Trout Air Restaurant. Now 40+ years later, the times have changed, but the wonderful light smokey flavor and moist delicate texture are the same. Smoked Trout are an excellent accompanyment to a cold beer. See below for details.

  • Product Info

    We catch on Tuesday, brine on Wednesday, smoke on Thursday for pickup on Friday.

  • Ingredients

    Rainbow Trout, Water, Sea Salt, Brown Sugar, and actual Smoke from hand-cut Apple trees. Nothing else.

  • Availability

    Please note: This product is available for pick-up only at our farm. Shipping not available at this time. Order by Tuesday for Friday pickup.

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