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Corn-free & Soy-free Pasture-Raised Whole Chicken

Corn-free & Soy-free Pasture-Raised Whole Chicken

PriceFrom $8.50

The finest chicken available anywhere! Most chickens are conventionally raised, which means they are fed corn and soy which makes the fat high-PUFA (poly-unsaturated fat acids). Not our chickens.


Our chickens are raised on Mile Four Grower Organic Chicken Mash Feed. (Made with: 100% US grown grains from local family farms, Certified Organic, Certified Non-GMO. Made without: Corn, soy, other low-cost fillers, GMO, foreign grains or any other shady, cheap mass produced items.)


In addition, our chickens are allowed to roam free on our farm's pastures eating bugs, worms, various greens and grasses.


You will be surprised how delicious chicken can be when raised as chickens were meant to be raised.

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