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Our Story

   50+ Years of Rainbow Trout  

Jesse Preiner has a long history of raising trout. Originally established by the Preiner family in 1968, Trout Air located near Forest Lake, was a favorite destination for anglers of all ages to "catch-your-own" trout in the 20+ ponds on the Trout Air property. In addition people could dine at the Trout Haus restaurant which closed in 1999. Since then the property has been turned into a retirement community; however, Jesse decided to continue the trout tradition by raising trout on his small aquaculture farm just 2 miles away.

Over the past 20 years, Jesse has developed his small, sustainable, solar-powered trout farm. Each weekend from April to November, he can be found selling both fresh and smoked trout at the Minneapolis Farmers Market (stall 404). In addition he stocks private fishing ponds, supplies local restaurants, and is available for hire for "portable trout ponds" for various events. Past events include: Game Fair, St. Paul Ice Fishing Show, Vets Home Fishing Opener, and the Super Bowl.

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